St Jude San Judas Hi-Power Browning Gun Grips Engraved Cachas

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St Jude Design Gun Grips are handcrafted in German Silver/Nickel Silver/Alpaca hand engraved, inlaid with blue resin and are electroplated with gold and chrome plating.

Screws Not Included

Fits Hi-Power Browning

Warning: Its not unusual to have to move the holes a bit or even dremel off the shoulders of a Browning grip because of the way FN ( Browning Manufacturer) drills the screw holes, there's some variation from pistol to pistol. This means that unless you go for rubber grips, which are somewhat self adjusting, there's a fair chance that you're going to have to fit our Browning grips to your pistol. If you don't want to that, please don't purchase these grips.

WHAT IS GERMAN SILVER? is a copper alloy with nickel and often zinc.

WHAT IS SILVER .925? Real 925 sterling silver jewelry consists of 92.5 percent pure silver and the rest in some kind of alloy

It is the buyers responsibility to be absolutely certain that any parts ordered are correctly fitted and installed. Firearms are complicated mechanisms and improper fitting of parts may result in dangerous malfunctioning, Damage to the firearm and serious injury to the shooter and other persons. The purchaser and installer of parts must accept full responsibility for the correct adjustments and functioning of the firearm after such installation. Purchaser takes full responsibility of any misuse, abuse, neglect, modification(s), improper installation, improper use, or improper handling.